September 7, 2015

Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program

is a fifteen-day program designed to perform a thorough cleansing, detoxification and regeneration deep in the cells.


 This program was designed and formulated by Dr. Jessie Chung, ND.,MD. after years of medical research and clinical trials in cooperation with numerous renowned medical professors, doctors, nutritionists, detox specialists, and biochemists from USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

Dr. Jessie Chung, ND.,MD.designed this program meticulously, from selecting the finest natural ingredients to utilizing the optimal bio-tech process. She ensured that the program is capable of battling toxins such as heavy metals, caffeine, pesticides, and other chemicals. During her clinical trials, she discovered that merely eliminating toxins from the colon and other organs is not enough. She found that toxins ingested, absorbed, and inhaled by the body will penetrate into our cells and disrupt their normal function, which will lead to many modern diseases. Therefore, performing a deep cell detoxification that removes the chemicals, heavy-metals as well as biological toxins is essential to maintain your health.


 Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program utilizes four major biological process in the body that begins with cellular detoxification, the elimination of toxins within cells.

The next step is toxin elimination, which is done through detoxification of various organs, such as the intestinal tract, liver, skin, kidneys and lungs. When the toxins are removed, the program will focus on improving the cellular membrane, which will allow nutrients to be absorbed in easily, strengthening the body’s digestion and nutrients absorption.

Finally, the program will nourish, energize, and regenerate healthy cells, which will bolster the body’s self-detoxification ability and immunity, thus leading to a healthier body.

Naturally Concentrated Detoxification Supplements

Backed by over 200 clinical trials

Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program consists of three naturally concentrated detoxification supplements, Bio Rex Noni, Bio Organix and Biozyme, derived from numerous bioactive natural ingredients proven to be effective for the detoxification and regeneration of cells. These supplements are backed by over two-hundred clinical trials & medical researchers from Japan Kitazato University, Russian State Medical University and many clinical laboratories. We source the finest ingredients, strictly adhere to certified manufacturing and quality assurance processes in all of our products.

Bio Organix

Bio Organix contains a great variety of gut-cleansing nutrients, which includes probiotics, prebiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers to systematically cleanse the digestive system. It also contains 48 types of natural ingredients required for the detoxification of the body.

Bio Rex

Bio Rex, packed with bioactive antioxidant compounds and antioxidant enzymes, is effective in eliminating the free radicals from cells and reversing its damage.


Biozyme digestive enzymes ensure that the nutrients are fully digestible and safely transported and absorbed into the cells.


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