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JANESCE embodies all that is good – success from working with nature to create harmony in everyday life.

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Janesce Smith the founder of the organic skin care brand
Janice Sarre Smith, founder of Janesce

From an early age Janice learnt how nature provides everything we need to keep skin healthy. Collecting vegetables from her father’s organic garden, gave her an understanding that good soil grows strong type of plants. This was reinforced in her 20’s as she watched her 3 young children response and thrive on the healthy food she prepared.

Fueled by a desire to help people live in harmony with nature, Janice went on a path of discovery by studying the healing and balancing effect and details of herbs and plant extracts, and essential nutritional elements for well being. She studied the details of the human body at medical school and completed many type of courses on herbs and nutrition; she read and compare every book she should find on the subjects.

In 1968 Janice began a small consultation service, “Beauty Through Nutrition” advising people on how to treat skin conditions through good nutrition and herbal remedies. Her mantra was always that nature is the best supplier and provides what we need to maintain good health, and as her business grew with good response, so did her reputation as a specialist in her field.

With increased interest in her expertise, Janice decided to open a natural therapies school. This school was the first in the southern hemisphere with European accreditation. Janice was soon invited to lecture all over Europe at international beauty conferences and became an honorary member and examiner for the Comité Internationale D’Esthetique et Cosmetologie (CIDESCO).

Throughout this time Janice was always looking for the best natural skin care product for her clients. However many times she was frustrated by the average quality or limited range available. So she decided to create her own and founded the brand JANESCE in 1986. With the knowledge that she had acquired on plants, herbs and physiology of the skin over her 20 years as a consultant, she was finally able to develop product that would bring real results for her clients.

As a leading naturopath and nutritionist, Janice continues to be recognised for her international reputation and lifelong commitment to promoting beautiful skin and natural health care (Enterprising Women of the Year 2000, Asia Pacific Women of Distinction 2004).

Guided by her extensive knowledge of plants and skin health, Janice has successfully built up the Janesce brand , philosophy, product range and practice. She continues to personally oversee all product development today, using closely guarded methods to harness the life force of the flowers and herbs that create the exquisite mother tinctures, extracts and essences that go into every Janesce product.

In Jan’s own words “I knew that if nutrition was good for the body, then it would be good for the skin, so I compare and applied the same principles that I had learnt as a Naturopath when I formulated my skin care. I have proven many times that when the skin is healthy, then skin problems will disappear. We only have to look to nature for the answers”.

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From the healthy soil grow strong healthy plants that create very potent extracts – the foundation of all Janesce organic skin care products.

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organic skincare natural ingredients - NHF malaysia

On a hot parched January day in 1981 Janice Smith found “Claret Ash” an old dairy farm. The soil was good, the climate temperate and Janice knew that her plants would thrive there.

To begin Janice moved her family to live in the cottage, and prepared the soil for her first plantings. Over the next few seasons the herb garden took form and Janice began to create her plant extracts. She then turned her attention to the dairy on the property and began its transformation into the laboratory and manufacturing facility that it is today.

JANESCE was launched in 1986 with a small range of skin care that has continued to grow to an extensive selection of products. As the demand for Janesce grew, so has the herb garden. A new dam has been created, another one extended and fence lines moved to accommodate the herb farm expansion.

Organic farming methods have been implemented from the beginning and the farm is certified organic with the BFA / OGA.

After hand harvesting the herbs and flowers are left to dry on wire racks. From there they are stored in large drums until required to create the extracts using a secret method unique to Janesce.

By following the process from soil to skin, Janice was confident that Janesce skin care was delivering a premium quality product for her clients. From the healthy soil grow strong healthy plants that create very potent extracts – the foundation of all Janesce products.

To see the vibrant colours of the healthy plants, tubs of extracts, jars of tinctures, and smell the beautiful natural fragrance that permeates the drying shed and laboratory is to experience a tangible reality of what lies at the heart of Janesce.

Supplier – NHF Malaysia