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  • In March 2005, I went for a body check-up and the doctor confirmed that I had nasal cancer. I really found it hard to accept the news when I heard it.
    From then on, I had to go for radiation therapy twice a week, for a total of 35 times. After two months of radiation therapy, the doctor told me that I still had to undergo another five times of radiation therapy. At that time, some problems had arisen in my left ear. After an examination, the doctor affirmed that both my eardrums had torn and sometimes, liquid flowed out from within the ear. My hearing was badly affected. Furthermore, I felt tired very easily, and thirsty and sleepy all the time.
    I tried many types of medicine and healthcare products but to no avail. Finally, I underwent treatment by Dr. Chung and my health improved by leaps and bounds. My relatives and friends all felt that I looked much better and better-spirited as well. I was extremely happy and I also have great confidence in Dr. Chung. I hope she will be able to save more people.

    Cured of nasal cancer!
    Tan Joon Kiong, Kuching
  • In June 2006, I suddenly got a nosebleed while I was working. Initially, I ignored it, thinking that there was a wound in my nostril, causing that bleeding. However, when both my nostrils were chocked with blood for two continuous weeks, I became nervous because I absolutely couldn’t breathe with my nose anymore. Finally after an examination, the doctor confirmed that I had a malignant tumour in my nasal cavity which was growing very fast and had almost filled the entire nasal cavity! The doctor told me that my nasopharyngeal cancer was the worst of its kind and that I should be mentally prepared.
    I went through a total of 33 radiation therapies and six chemotherapies. During that period of time, a friend suggested that I combine that with Dr. Jessie Chung’s treatment in order to reduce the side effects from the radiation and chemotherapies. Sure enough, as I went through the numerous radiation and chemotherapies, the common side effects such as vomiting, hair loss and poor appetite did not last very long. Even the doctor was surprised and asked why I had such good “endurance”. Later, I underwent a surgery to remove the tumour and everything went smoothly. After I was discharged, my nose still hurt frequently and there was even pus. It was tough.
    Later, I continued with Dr. Chung’s treatment, which included Chinese and Western natural medicine, for about a month and my condition improved a lot. About half a year later, I resumed work and my life went back to normal. I followed Dr. Jessie Chung’s instructions regarding health care. Today, it has been more than five years and I have not been found with any unhealthy symptoms. Thank you, Dr. Chung.

    Till now, the nasopharyngeal cancer has not recurred!
    Mak Meng Leong, Taiping
  • In November 2007, I discovered that a lump had grown near my neck. Initially, it was only about the size of a kidney bean.  Six months later, it had grown to the size of an egg. As I did not feel any discomfort then, I did not go to a doctor.
    One day, my nose kept bleeding and the doctor’s examination report confirmed that it was stage 3 nasopharyngeal cancer. It had also already spread to the lymph and brain area. After surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, I thought I had recovered. However, the side effects from the radiation and chemotherapies persisted, causing a consistent dry mouth and the inability to secrete saliva. My hair had also all fallen off and I had poor appetite. My weight also kept decreasing and I was in a terrible mental state.
    A year later, the cancer relapsed. This time, it had spread, following the lymph nodes to the brain and the face, and it was so numerous, a surgery was impossible. At that time, I could feel lumps all over my body. Obvious lumps could be felt especially around my face and shoulder areas. The doctor told me that the cancer was in the terminal stage and told my family members to prepare themselves. According to the doctor’s recommendation, I underwent another six rounds of chemotherapy but my condition did not improve. In fact, it worsened. Although the doctor asked me to go for continual chemotherapy, my family members saw that I was suffering and decided to give up chemotherapy. We switched to naturopathy instead.
    After taking Dr. Chung’s prescription of Chinese and Western medicine, all sorts of nutritional products and going for acupuncture and physiotherapy sessions regularly, all the terrible symptoms from chemotherapy, to our surprise, showed great improvement within a short one month: saliva secretion recovered, my appetite was good again and I also regained mental strength! Half a year after the surgery, I went back to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor told me that my tumours had shrunk and the lump on my shoulder was no longer obvious. Today, it has been ten months since I began therapy. The tumours on my face and neck have shrunk by about 50%. I am very glad because Dr. Chung has rescued me from the brink of death.

    Successfully saved from terminal nasopharyngeal cancer!
    Cheong Lee Wun, Kuching
  • On the first of October, 2005, my daughter contracted hand, foot, mouth disease and she lost her appetite. White spots began to appear in her mouth and there were ulcers in her mouth and oral cavity. Her hands, head and mouth all hurt. At that time, I brought her to the doctor but the doctor only gave me some cream for her. On October 6, 2005, I put her through detoxification for three days. Besides recovering from the hand, foot, mouth disease, her body also became stronger and she was more radiant and active!

    Cured of fever, rotting tongue, red spots all over the body!
    Wen Shu Fei, Kuching
  • My three-year-old nephew ran a high fever, had a rotting tongue and drooled at the mouth. His palms, soles, even knees, belly button and anal area were all covered with red spots. The doctor said that it was the Coxsackie virus and prescribed him some medicine. If the fever did not go down by noon the next day, we had to bring him back to the hospital. As my nephew refused to take the medicine the doctor prescribed and would not eat the entire day, I then put him through detoxification. Finally, his fever kept going down. The next morning, the red spots on his body were gone and he was fine.

    Fever, rotting tongue, body covered in red spots!
    Yong Jia Rui, Beijing
  • In early May, my daughter contracted the Coxsackie virus at school and ran a high fever for a long time. After detoxification, the fever went down and there were no longer blisters on her hands. After that, she recovered.

    Completely healed of Coxsackie!
    Ong Hwee Hong, Selangor
  • In 2006, I contracted severe hand, foot, mouth disease. At that time, my mother immediately made me go through detoxification and I recovered in a day. It was really amazing!
    Apart from this, when I was two years old, I caught the cold and flu very easily and this often led to throat inflammation. My mother brought me to the doctor very frequently, at least twice a month.
    Later, my mother found out that drinking milk affected my nose and throat; she stopped giving me milk and gave me organic soya milk instead. Today, my nose and throat issues are resolved.

    Recovered from hand, foot, mouth disease (HFMD) in a day!
    Choo Khai Zheng, Kuala Lumpur
  • I have diabetes, cracked lips, bloated stomach and indigestion. Oesophageal obstruction made it very hard for me to swallow food and I also suffered from stomach discomfort and more than 20 years of insomnia. I had to take sleeping pills in order to fall asleep. Besides this, I also experienced backaches and I felt very uncomfortable.
    After going through Dr. Jessie Chung’s super health program, my blood sugar levels dropped. Now, my weight is also down from 55 kg to 40 kg. After consuming calcium pills, I can sleep well and my daughter also has a good appetite now. Thanks, Dr. Jessie Chung.

    Lower blood sugar and 15 kg slimmer
    Bong Nuat Joon, Sarawak
  • I always had high blood sugar issues. My blood sugar level was 9.4 mmol/L.
    I wanted to try a natural method to improve this so I went through Dr. Jessie Chung’s super health program and continued to take care of my health. After the first month of health care, my blood sugar level dropped from 9.4 to 8.9 mmol/L, and in the second month, it fell again to 6.9 mmol/L. I was really very happy. Thank you Dr. Jessie Chung.

    Blood sugar level lowered!
    Cheng Gong Kwan, Kuantan
  • In 1997, after I got married, I discovered that I had contracted Systemic Lupus Erythematous. My hands, feet, fingers and other joints began to hurt. Even my fingers showed signs of numbness and seemed bent. In early 2003, because I took some Chinese herbs, I developed fever and swollen feet and was hospitalized for three days. After being discharged, I still could not walk. During the detoxification process, I passed out a lot of black accumulated stool, chili seeds and a red worm etc. After three rounds of detoxification, I can now ride the motorcycle. The blood test results also show that the Bp of the lupus erythematous has dropped from 91 to 15.

    Completely healed of Systemic Lupus Erythematous!
    Kee Lee Lee
  • I suffered from high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels for almost two years. These problems gradually made me feel very tired and nervous. Generally, when I arrive home from work, I would not have the energy to do anything else. When sleeping at night, I would also frequently snore.
    While I was following Dr. Jessie Chung’s super health program, I watched my dietary habits very carefully, and my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are now back to normal. I am a more energetic and active person as compared to before.
    Thanks, Dr. Jessie Chung, for bringing me and my family such great health knowledge. We will always support you!

    High cholesterol levels back to normal!
    Leong Kon Fatt, Kuala Lumpur
  • About two years ago, I underwent a body check-up and the doctor told me I had issues with high cholesterol. As I always loved to go prawning as a hobby, and I also loved eating huge prawns, I found it hard to avoid the temptation of prawns and ended up eating a lot of prawns very often. Every time after eating prawns, my soles would cramp and I would not be able to move much. When my feet hurt, I would stop eating prawns temporarily but once the pain alleviated slightly, I would continue eating and the problem stayed with me.
    For the past three months, I began to experience backaches which made me restless and unable to sit for long. I also had frequent headaches and could not sleep well for a long period of time, causing dark eye circles. The days passed by in this manner and my body’s immune system weakened. I felt listless and dozed off easily. I really did not know how to improve my health.
    One day, I began trying Dr. Jessie Chung’s super health program in the hope that my health would gradually recover.
    During the detoxification period, I discharged many dark, black stools and after that, I felt that my body was much more relaxed and comfortable. After about two weeks, my problems with high cholesterol and bloated stomach reduced and saw improvements. The throbbing pain in my soles also gradually recovered.
    This really gave me full confidence in Dr. Jessie Chung’s super health program. Thank you, Dr. Jessie Chung.

    Throbbing pain in the soles, limited mobility, backaches and restlessness!
    Saking anak Kion, Sarawak