Why Do Children Need
Cell Detoxification
And Regeneration?

The U.S. Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently detected the presence of bisphenol A in umbilical cordblood. They tested their experiment on ten new-borns and identified 287 different chemical toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides, and Teflon. The presence of toxins in umbilical cord blood proves that even foetuses in their mothers’wombsare in contact with chemical toxins. Evidently, today’s babies are full of toxins when they are born.

Does Your Child Needs D’tox?

If your child has the following symptoms, then the answer should be “YES!”




Vulnerable to Sickness

Hot Tempered

Poor Learning Ability



Poor Growth

Poor Social Interaction


Poor Memory

Poor Appetite

Picky Eater

Poor Concentration



Targeting the health needs of today’s children, Dr. Jessie Chung cooperated and researched with many renowned medical professors, doctors, nutritionists, detox specialists, and biochemists from USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, and Malaysia. After years of medical research and clinical trials, Dr Chung developed a comprehensive and special program, called “Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Kidz Program”. Not only does this program help growing children, it also plays an important role in the growth of children’s brain and skeletal system.


“Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Kidz Program” combines four different therapies, including detoxification therapy, colon cleansing therapy, nutritional therapy, and cell regeneration therapy. Not only does the program eliminate all kinds of toxins from the small and large intestines, but also at the same time remove all kinds of toxins such as lead, aluminium from brain cells, bone cells, and blood cells. The program also provides all the nutrients the body needs, enabling children to grow up healthily and have adequate nutrition; at the same time, children will have more stable moods, be more resistant to autism, and have healthy bodies.



Eliminates toxins deep within your cells



Expel the toxins through various detoxification organs in the body



Strengthening the body’s digestion and nutrients absorption, including the cellular membrane.



Promote the nourished and energetic cell to regenerate healthy cells

Naturally Concentrated Detoxification Supplements

Backed by over

200 clinical trials

Bio Veggie

Bio Veggie is also included in the program, it is a high fibre drink made from 29 different tasty vegetables and fruits. Dr. Jessie Chung especially developed this drink for individuals who aren’t eating enough to discharge the toxins from the large intestines, keeping the large intestines clean and preventing constipation

Bio Rex

Bio Rex is included in “Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Kidz Program”, it is an active fermented food that quickly enters into all types of cells in the body and eliminates toxins such as lead, mercury, pesticides; this helpsdevelop the brain and strengthen the bones.

Kids Nutrition

Nutritious pastilles enriched with the finest source of natural ingredients to provide your child the nutrients they need the tasty way!

Lysine helps produce collagen, and may also help the body absorb calcium, which children need for strong bones and teeth.
Multivitamin provides the child with all the nutrients essential for their development in a safe dosage.

Start Your D’tox Early!

The brain will be 80 percent developed at the age of six, and the physical and intellectual development will also be around 70 to 80 percent; this is why childhood can greatly affect one’s health for a lifetime. Because of this, a child’s health should be protected as early as possible.

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