• This 1½ year, my ankle pain has caused me difficulties in walking. I always had to apply oil and cream on my ankle to ease my pain. Then, I went through Dr.Jessie Chung Super Health Program, and avoid sweet food. After 15 days, I felt more energetic, pass motion smoother, and my ankle pain recovered. I’m so glad that I can solve this problem, thank you NHF.
    My ankle pain recovered
    Chong Choi Lan, KK
  • I had bone spurs problem. I felt pain when I sit too long time or stand up. I used to have constipation problem, and my hands felt numbness easily. After consume NHF Jessie's Chung Super Health Program, I can defecate smoothly every day, my body's pain reduced after one week, my bone spurs problem solved. My hands not feeling numbness easily anymore.
    No more body pain from the bone spurs!
    Loh Sam Kew, Johor Bahru
  • I suffered from diabetes since year 2008, my blood sugar level was 7-9. Besides, I also suffered from Hypertension and High Cholesterol. After I went through Dr. Jessie Chung Super Health Program, my blood sugar level dropped to 5. My cholesterol level became normal, blood pressure also lowered became 120/80 normal range. I feel more energetic, digestion system improved. No more runny nose in the morning when I woke up now. Thank you NHF!
    My blood sugar and cholesterol level has restored to normal!
    Maimunah Bt Sulaiman, Kuching
  • I always felt difficult to breath, due to my working place full of dust, cause my nose always had blockage. Sometimes I felt chest pain, gasped for breathe although just walked for a while. My low back pain and felt lack of energy. After I went through Dr. Jessie Chung Super Health Program for 2 weeks, my sinus problem improved, not so difficult to breath, furthermore I felt energetic. I will not gasp while I walk, low back pain gone and the most delighted was my tummy disappeared! I am now carrying on Dr. Jessie Annual Health Program. Thanks NHF for letting me to improve my diet, and become healthier.
    No more breathing difficulties! My tummy disappeared!
    Azmi Bin Megat Mohd Noor, Perak
  • I suffered from Coxsackie in nursery. My mother brought me to see doctor but the doctor did not give me any medicine or injection. One day, my grandfather bought Bio-Normalizer at NHF for me to consume. I consume 3 times per day, and I recovered on the second day.
    Coxsackie solved in the second day
    Chong Qi Yin, Subang
  • My insomnia problem was already 10 years, but I did not look for doctor. I could not sleep even for a few days continuously. And after that, could only sleep for one day. After I consumed NHF supplements, I could able to sleep every day already. Furthermore, the second day I woke up also will not feel tired.
    Insomnia for 10 years gone!
    Leong Sook Peng, Subang Jaya
  • I suffered from Hepatitis A. Besides, I used to have gall bladder problem also and need to go for surgery. After I went through Dr. Jessie Chung Super Health Program for 2 weeks, my Hepatitis A and gall bladder problem totally solved!
    My liver and gall bladder could function as normal
    Ahmad Latfi Bin Mohamad, Batu Pahat

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